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A Different Approach to Healthy Living


The Healthy Alternatives VI Story

An Alternative way of Healthy Living

Cannabidiol also is known as CBD is a very misunderstood compound of the earth. After watching her father suffer from numerous debilitating diseases for five years before his unfortunate passing, Charmaine Vante, along with co-owner Magabe Calixte felt that there must have been a better way. Taking numerous pills, each for different ailments, they knew they couldn’t all work together to combat her father’s underlying health issue. They knew there has to be a better way. So they began doing their research about the Endocannabinoid System, the bodies CB1 & CB2 Receptors and looking deeper into an alternative way, a more healthy and natural way, a way in which someone doesn’t need to take several different pharmaceutical drugs not knowing if they will work together or counteract one another. Cannabidiol was that answer, and on January 3rd, 2020, they proudly opened the doors to Healthy Alternatives. 

Healthy Alternatives is locally owned and your one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs. We sincerely care about your well-being and have been working closely with our valued customers in order to provide them with the knowledge and products they need to look and feel healthier.

We continue to build such a close relationship with our clients because we want everyone to feel that we are family.  Healthy Alternatives is here and ready to serve you so please do not delay another day to start living a healthier you.

A Different Approach to Healthy Living!