Created by Cultured Natural 


We have been working Super hard 🦾in our little shop in Christiansted, St.Croix . Cultured Naturals Body care is manufacturing right here at home, 70 % strength hand sanitizers that are made with a locally produced Breadfruit Vodka . The Vodka we used is distilled at a 190 proof strength for us to create our products 👏🏽
1) Created by a Nurse .
2)It’s moisturizing properties- prevents drying and breakdown of skin 💦 
3) Aromatherapeutic properties - uplifts the mood and helps with anxiety and depression☀️ 

ITS A GREAT FEELING to be able to help mitigate the spread of the anweful COVID-19 Virus by literally using what we have RIGHT HERE FROM OUR OWN BACK YARDS...: Caribbean Styyyyle



glycerine, essential oils, breadfruit alcohol, aloe Vera

Cultured Natural Hand Sanitizer



    (P) 481-2 Estate Chocolate Hole
    (Above St.John Market)
    (M) 1540 Estate Bethany
    00830 Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands

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